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However Clement isn't alarmed. "The modifications aren't anticipated to negatively have an effect on the Canadian drug provide," says Erik Waddell, ddavp online Clement's ddavp online press secretary. "The trend has been a decrease in cross-border gross sales. The Canadian Pharmacists' Association Government Director Jeff Poston says the current 35%-40% lower in cross-border prescription drug sales might reverse itself at any time. The drop has been attributed to a stronger Canadian dollar, elevated Customs seizures and a revised US government health insurance plan that gave seniors extra prescription options. Parliamentary response to the US measures included the tabling of a private member's invoice on Oct. 31 by Liberal MP Dr. Carolyn Bennett. She is calling for the Meals and Drugs Act to be ammended so that the Minister of Well being will have the authority to ban bulk drug exports. "Canada wants to protect itself," says Bennett. Individuals can now order inexpensive Canadian medicine online asacol with out worry of retribution. The prescription drug re-importation provision permits People to buy garcinia cambogia drugs in Canada and personally transport them throughout the border as lengthy as the prescriptions are FDA-authorized and the supply doesn't exceed ninety days. Managed substances, resembling narcotic painkillers and a few biological products are excluded. Democrats estimate the move might save seniors $360 million over the following decade. In a related move, US Customs and Border Safety officials announced that prescription drugs sent by mail to US residents from Canadian pharmacies will now not be topic to seizure. Customized agents had confiscated over forty 000 packages of mail-order medicine over the previous yr. More than 2 million American seniors shop at Canadian Web pharmacies. ddavp online